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Marat Boshernitsan <maratb@CS.Berkeley.EDU>
20 Sep 1999 11:59:14 -0400

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From: Marat Boshernitsan <maratb@CS.Berkeley.EDU>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 20 Sep 1999 11:59:14 -0400
Organization: University of California at Berkeley
References: 99-09-058
Keywords: tools (Heinrich Hiemesch) writes:

> When started, the editor should read the grammar file so that one need
> only to change the grammar definitions to accomodate the editor to a
> new language. The parsers features should be:
> - minimum restrictions on the grammar
> - error tolerant on grammar
> - grammar syntax yacc/bison compatible
> - no need for any output other than
> - succeed or failed
> - cursor position at error
> - error type
> - small source ;-)
> - small memory usage

> Speed is not important as the text is scanned during input line by
> line.

You should take a look a some of the syntax-sensitive editor work done
in the 80s. In particular, I encourage you to look at Pan (a Berkeley
project I am familiar with), but there are also many others.

This paper discusses very important user-model issues of
syntax-sensitive editing.

Michael L. Van De Vanter. Practical Language-Based Editing for
Software Engineers. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 896,
Springer-Verlag. 1995

(If you can't find this particular paper, there's a similar, albeit,
more general one called "Coherent user interfaces for language-based
editing systems" which is part of "Structure-based editors and
environments" book:

if you can't find that either, you might peruse Michael's thesis which
is available here:

however, because this is an older thesis it is only available as a
collection of scanned TIFF pages).

And last, but not least, all the modern technology needed to build such
an editor (including multi-language support) is described in Tim
Wagner's thesis (which I already mentioned in another post):

Tim A. Wagner. Practical Algorithms for Incremental Software Development
Environments Ph.D. Dissertation, Report No. UCB//CSD-97-946 =



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