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heinrich.hiemesch@online.de (Heinrich Hiemesch)
16 Sep 1999 02:00:09 -0400

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From: heinrich.hiemesch@online.de (Heinrich Hiemesch)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 Sep 1999 02:00:09 -0400
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Keywords: parse, question, tools

I was lurking around here for a while hoping to get hints for my
actual problem. Having nothing found I considered to disturb you -
let me first introduce myself so that you know my background. I'm an
Geologist who likes mathematics and programming however not for it's
own but as tool for solving scientific problems (mostly statistical
problems). My language experiences are Assembler, Basic, OPL, Pascal
and some C code. What I want to create is a source file editor with
syntax checking (not only highlighting). I do change very often the
language according to the programming goal so syntax checking during
input would be very great. (I remember well the days with GFA-Basic on
my Atari ST, which do syntax checking and command expanding). It would
speed up program development significantly. The first attempt I made
is with PowerBasic for the reason of the good string handling
facilities of this language. The problem for me is the parser to check
the syntax. (I'm not familiar with parsers and - if possible - don't
want to change that as I'm not interested in parsers per se.)

When started, the editor should read the grammar file so that one need
only to change the grammar definitions to accomodate the editor to a
new language. The parsers features should be:
- minimum restrictions on the grammar
- error tolerant on grammar
- grammar syntax yacc/bison compatible
- no need for any output other than
    - succeed or failed
    - cursor position at error
    - error type
- small source ;-)
- small memory usage

Speed is not important as the text is scanned during input line by

Using search machines I've looked around the net for programming
examples. I've found an pascal port of yacc (which is not exactly what
I want), the book "Parsing Techniques" with an *very* simple Unger
parser in pascal and an C-code tomita parser which however is not well
documented and the C code isn't that what I'd call a example for good
programming. Is there anyone who can give me advices or direct me to
wep pages / ftps with programming examples? Any hints very
appreciated... TIA

H. Hiemesch
Beratender Ingenieur BYIK
Anerkannter privater Sachverstšndiger in der Wasserwirtschaft

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