Re: looking for a c++ -> c++ parser (Greg Lindahl)
19 Nov 1998 23:26:38 -0500

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From: (Greg Lindahl)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Nov 1998 23:26:38 -0500
Organization: a guest of Shadow Island Games
References: 98-11-088
Keywords: C++, tools

> [Parsing C++ is so painful, particularly in programs that use #define, that
> I expect that ad-hoc partial parsing would work better than full parsing.
> -John]

#define isn't a problem -- in this instance the writer didn't seem to
want to get human-readable source back, so you can just run the thing
through cpp first. Parsing C++ _is_ painful, but the EDG parser source
is available free for non-commercial use, and I heard (a while ago)
about a project by Kathy Lindlan <> to build
some stuff with the EDG parser which allows tool builders to do
interesting things to parsed C++ programs. Details are at:

I'm not sure if there is a tool which takes her IL and outputs C++,
but that part doesn't look hard.

-- greg

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