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10 Apr 1996 08:25:45 -0400

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Date: 10 Apr 1996 08:25:45 -0400
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Keywords: functional, bibliography

>@Book{Peyton-Jones-Lester92, Key="Peyton Jones \& Lester",
>Author="S. L. {Peyton Jones} and David Lester",
>Title="Implementing Functional Languages: A Tutorial",
>Address="Englewood Cliffs, N.J.",
>Annote="35 references."

There is another book by the same author (Simon L Peyton Jones):
    The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages

In my opinion, anybody who wants to implement functional language must
also read Introduction to Functional Programming by Richard Bird &
Philip Wadler.

One question: Is there any published C/C++ implementation of P Jones'
'kernel' (free of charge, of course :-) ? I forget what he named it
but I sure would like to mess with it.

In the book he implemented it using a functional language. Typical,
and illustrative of the power of the implementation language. But it
deprives many readers who do not have the bootstrap language (and too
busy/lazy to translate it into another). But I must congratulate the
author for the mathematical derivation of his 'kernel'. Now I wonder
if commercial compiler writers derive their compilers with the same
mathematical vigor. No!? Then that explains the bugs...(No flame
please. I know compiler is a beast and you're working hard).

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