Re: Algol68 compiler ?

Dave Lloyd <>
23 Feb 1996 00:20:50 -0500

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From: Dave Lloyd <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Feb 1996 00:20:50 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 96-02-240 96-02-236
Keywords: algol68

Arthur Chance <> wrote:
> but the latest Gnu task list is definitely calling
> for volunteers for the job, so it looks like that fell through. A
> shame as a Gnu A68 would make the language widely available.
... but who would want to write an A68 compiler in C ...<language zealot>

> Does anyone know what happened to the Algol 68RS system? AFAIR, this
> was written at RRE (RSRE, DRA - the place keeps changing its name)
> Malvern here in the UK as a successor to A68R, and it was written
> specifically to be portable. It was sold commercially by a software
> house whose name escapes my ageing memory, but sadly cost about 4
> times the then going rate for compilers. Is it still available? Could
> it be put into the public domain?

I also have forgotten who did it, but they produced a thing called
CTRANS which converted A68RS into inpenetrable C. I heard that said
company went bust a while back, and that CTRANS was put into the
public domain as part of the support for MALPAS (something close to
RSRE's heart). It is missing the Standard Prelude and only supports
context VOID modules - you are expected to access the C library via
ALIEN. FYI it was the first time I heard of a conservative GC.

Did RSRE's TDF (ANDF) ever get as far as Algol 68? It required level 2
TDF and I suspect OSF only ever got as far as level 0 (C). Level 2 had
some good support for GCs.

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