Re: Any detailed SCCS documentation? (Thomas Charles CONWAY)
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 00:50:11 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Thomas Charles CONWAY)
Keywords: tools, books
Organization: Computer Science, University of Melbourne, Australia
References: 95-02-045
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 1995 00:50:11 GMT

>> [Many people prefer RCS, which is available at no charge with no source, to
>> SCCS. They're both quite useful, albeit a little long in the tooth. -John]

My own preference is for CVS which is a layer on top of RCS. RCS is useful
for one person to keep control of revisions, but in a more-than-one-person
environment, managing the locks can become quite painful. With CVS files
do not need to be locked to edit them.

Here at Melbourne Uni, we have been using CVS to manage the development of
a new compiler (release RSN) which currently stands at about 56KLOC. We have
had up to six people working on it at various times, and with CVS we have
experienced very little difficulty and very little bother in managing the
source. I consider CVS to be an *essential* component of any software
development environment.

CVS is freely available at a gnu site near you.


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