Re: Any detailed SCCS documentation?

Don Bolinger <>
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 02:59:47 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Don Bolinger <>
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Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 02:59:47 GMT

Feike Veenstra recently asked:
> Can somebody help me with suggestions about detailed documentation (e.q.
> technical books) of SCCS?

And our moderator added:
> [Many people prefer RCS, which is available at no charge with no source, to
> SCCS. They're both quite useful, albeit a little long in the tooth. -John]

In answer to the question (and to expand on the comment), I wanted to
point out two books that might be useful. The first is from

        Source File Management with SCCS
        by Israel Silverberg
        ISBN 0-13-829771-1

The second (warning: self-promotion ahead) will be published this
spring by O'Reilly & Associates:

        Applying RCS and SCCS: From Source Control to Project Control
        by Don Bolinger and Tan Bronson
        ISBN 1-56592-117-8

Given my obvious interest in the second book, I will limit myself to
two observations. First, these are both useful books. However, they
are very different in approach. Overall, the Silverberg book is
depth-first. (Here's all you ever wanted to know about admin; now get;
now delta...) Our book is much more breadth-first (task-oriented, if
you will). We define first low-level, then more ambitious development
processes, and introduce RCS and SCCS in the context of supporting

I don't know of any other books wholly devoted to either system.

Finally, of course, John meant to say that RCS is available _with_
source. And (even if John didn't say it), I believe the consensus
among people who have used both systems is that RCS is more powerful
and user-friendly than SCCS.
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