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Sun, 16 Oct 1994 17:11:46 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.arch,comp.compilers
From: (Mark Smotherman)
Keywords: architecture, tools
Organization: Clemson University
References: 94-10-116
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 1994 17:11:46 GMT

krste@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU (Krste Asanovic) writes:

>Also, any references to papers on this topic would be much appreciated.

            I-Cache Optimizations -- Classifications

                P - profile-guided
                S - static

                C - calculate conflicts (for direct-mapped cache)
                D - duplicate code to align targets
                I - inline procedures
                L - link ordering using call-frequency cliques
                M - code motion to align targets
                N - nop-padding to align targets
                R - rearrange basic blocks
                S - segregate infrequent basic blocks

            paper type C D I L M N R S
            Agarwal-87 P C L
            Samples-88 P R
            Hwu-89 P I L R S
            McFarling-89 P C
            Gupta-90 S D M N R
            Pettis-90 P L R S
            McFarling-91 P I
            Wu-92 P L
            Mendlson-94 P C D R


            A. Agarwal, et al., "On-Chip Caches for High-Performance Proces-
            sors," Proc. 1987 Conf. on Adv. Research in VLSI, Stanford, March
            1987, pp. 1-24.

            A. Dain Samples and Paul N. Hilfinger, "Code Reorganization for
            Instruction Caches", UCB TR CSD-88-447, Oct. 1988.

            Wen-mei W. Hwu and Pohua P. Chang "Achieving High Instruction
            Cache Performance with an Optimizing Compiler", Proc. ISCA 89,
            Jerusalem, May-June 1989, pp. 242-251.

            Scott McFarling, "Program Optimization for Instruction Caches",
            Proc. ASPLOS III, Boston, April 1989, pp. 183-191.

            Rajiv Gupta and Chi-Hung Chi, "Improving Instruction Cache
            Behavior by Reducing Cache Pollution", Proc. Supercomputing 90,
            New York, November 1990, pp. 82-91.

            Karl Pettis and Robert C. Hansen, "Profile Guided Code Position-
            ing", Proc. SIGPLAN PLDI 90, White Plains, NY, June 1990, pp.

            Scott McFarling, "Procedure Merging with Instruction Caches",
            Proc. SIGPLAN PLDI 91, Toronto, June 1991, pp. 71-79.

            Youfeng Wu, "Ordering Functions for Improving Memory Reference
            Locality in a Shared Memory Multiprocessor System", Proc. Micro-
            25, Portland, December 1992, pp. 218-221.

            Abraham Mendlson, Shlomit S. Pinter, and Ruth Shtokhamer, "Com-
            pile Time Instruction Cache Optimizations", ACM Computer Arch.
            News, 22, 1, March 1994, pp. 44-51.

Of the above, only Rajiv Gupta considered the effect of prefetching on
i-cache optimization. I'm working with some data that shows this to be
an important effect in terms of wasted cache refill traffic (lines that
are prefetched but never used).
Mark Smotherman, Computer Science Dept., Clemson University, Clemson, SC

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