Re: Is there a BASIC to C translator? (Wolfram Wagner)
Mon, 1 Aug 1994 07:07:20 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Wolfram Wagner)
Keywords: Basic, C, translator
Organization: Max-Planck Institut fuer Informatik
References: 94-07-086
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 1994 07:07:20 GMT
Status: RO

>I have some BASIC code (DEC/PDP RSTS v8, if you can believe that: it
>uses DEC's virtual arrays) that I'd like to convert to C. If anyone
>knows of a translator (converter) that will do this, preferably free,

There is at least one BASIC-to-C Compiler I know of. It is commercially
avalable by

CICERO Innovat. Systemsoftware
Ballweilerstrasse 7
66399 Mandelbachtal GERMANY
Tel: +49-6803/9940-0
Fax: +49-6803/9940-40

I do not know whether it serves your needs, but it can translate several
dialects of BASIC to C. I have seen complete applications that were
ported from e.g. ATARI-BASIC to MS-Windows under C with this tool.
Maybe you should drop them a fax.

Wolfram Wagner Email:
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Informatik Tel.: +49-681/302-5403
Im Stadtwald Fax: +49-681/302-5417
66123 Saarbruecken GERMANY

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