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Fri, 13 May 1994 22:05:56 GMT

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Date: Fri, 13 May 1994 22:05:56 GMT

!Any other contributions to this list ?

Here are some references that *seem* to be pertinent.

      author = "Wall, David W.",
      title = "Global register allocation at link-time",
      crossref = "cc86",
      pages = "264--275",

      title = "Procedure Linkage Optimization",
      author = "A. Maggliolo-Schettini and Barry K. Rosen and H. R. Strong",
      pages = "183--193",
      crossref = "POPL73",

Amitabh Srivastava and David W. Wall
Link-Time Optimization of Address Calculation on a 64-Bit Architecture
To appear in PLDI 1994

Manuel E. Benitez and Jack W. Davidson
A Portable Global Optimizer and Linker
PLDI 1988

@TECHREPORT{ Romanenko:83:AnApplication,
      AUTHOR = "S.A. Romanenko",
      TITLE = "An Application of Mixed Computation to Assemblers and
      INSTITUTION = "Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics",
      ADDRESS = "Moscow, USSR",
      YEAR = "1983",
      NOTE = "(In Russian)",
      TYPE = "Preprint",
      NUMBER = "27",
      ANNOTE = "Mixed computation is applied to the development of
      an assembler and a linking loader. The load module is
      considered to be a residual program produced by mixed
      computation of an assembler over a source module with frozen
      parameter values. When these are available, the load module can
      be executed to generate an absolute program."}

R. W. Quong
The Design and Implementation of an Incremental Linker
Stanford, CSL-TR-88-381
July 1989

      author = "Fraser, Christoper W. and Hanson, David R.",
      title = "A Machine-Independent Linker",
      journal = SPE,
      volume = 12,
      pages = "351--366",
      year = 1982,

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311-8 Old Greenville Hwy. Clemson SC 29631-1651 (803)653-7749

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