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"Steven D. Majewski" <>
Thu, 12 May 1994 20:29:48 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: "Steven D. Majewski" <>
Keywords: linker, question, comment
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 12 May 1994 20:29:48 GMT

Several subjects that often come up on comp.compilers seem to regularly
raise the complaint that it's hard to find many good references on the
subject. One of those is Linking.

On Apr 14, 14:38, Henry G. Baker wrote in a private exchange following the
comp.arch thread "Subject: Re: Why do we still assemble?"

> It will probably never be fixed, either, because what CS person wants
> to get a PhD in 'linking'? It isn't glamorous or sexy, and it isn't
> likely to generate lots of research funding.

I'm sorry to say I have to completely agree with Henry.

While hunting down some other info in the library, I looked up "linking"
in Ralston & Reilly's Encyclopedia of Computer Science ( 3rd edition 1993
): there was a short article by D.W. Barron which gave only two 1972
references (both good but rather ancient): Barron's own "Assemblers and
Loaders" and a Computing Surveys article on "Linkers and Loaders" by
Presser and White. [ Computing Surveys 4:149-168]

refdbms comp.compilers and hpdb bibliographies both bring up one paper for

%z Article
%K compilers:Ho91
%A W. Wilson Ho
%A Rondald A Olsson
%T An Approach to Genuine Dynamic Linking
%V 21
%N 4
%D Apr. 1991
%P 375 390
[ Which is also in the gnu dld distribution ]

I was able to find one other reference on our libraries Wilson

                AUTHOR Quong, Russell W.
                                  Linton, Mark A.

                  TITLE Linking programs incrementally.

                SOURCE ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems
13:1-20 Jan '91

            FEATURES bibl diags.

  SUBJECT TERMS Debugging (Computer science).
                                  Modular software.
                                  Incremental compilers.

[ I'll check out the bibliography in this paper the next time
    I make it to the library. ]

A couple of weeks ago when this subject last came up, I submitted two sets
of postscript slides by Gary R. Hook of IBM AIX Systems Center on Linking
and Advanced Linking.

Any other contributions to this list ?

Most compiler books have a section on linking, but usually
quite minimal.
( The one in Holub's "Compiler Design in C" seems to stick in
my mind as somewhat better than average. )

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[I have a project in the works to write a book on linkers and loaders.
I couldn't find very much either, just an article here and a chapter there.

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