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Thu, 12 Nov 1992 17:43:12 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Stephen J Bevan)
Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1992 17:43:12 GMT
Keywords: syntax, bibliography
References: 92-10-113 92-11-035 (Richard Brooksby) writes:
      There seemed to be quite a lot of interest in synyax-directed editing
      and incremental compilation using attribute grammars about ten years
      ago. How much of this work has survived to the present day? How much
      of it has proved really useful?

CSG is still being worked on as far as I know, but IMHO more interesting
syntax directed editors are Pan [1] and PSG [2,3]. To me both these
improve on what was done with attribute grammars not least by replacing
attribute gramars them with more readable languages (IMHO attribute
grammars are the assembler of definition methods). If you have a
theoretical bent, the ideas behind the PSG system are interesting [4]. I
should also mention the CENTAUR system produced at INRIA, however I don't
have a good reference for it, though you might try [5] for some


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