Ref. Cornell Program Synthesizer (Re: Is this a new idea?) NO! (Richard Brooksby)
Mon, 9 Nov 1992 10:19:14 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Richard Brooksby)
Organization: Harlequin Limited, Cambridge, England
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1992 10:19:14 GMT
Keywords: parse, performance
References: 92-10-113 92-11-010 (Wu Pei-Chi) wrote:
> Some researchers have being working on this dream for years. It was
> called "incremental compiling" technique. Some of them are related
> with an environment,so called language-based environment or
> syntax-directed editor. A famous one is Synthesizer Generator,
> developed in Cornell University.


    The Why and Wherefore of the Cornell Program Synthesizer
    Time Teitelbaum, Thomas Reps, Susan Horwitz
    Somewhere in SIGPLAN, 1981


    The Cornell Program Synthesizer is a syntax-directed programming
    environment that has been used in introductory programming courses
    since June 1979. We present out experience with the Synthesizer by
    introducing its main features, by presenting our basic principles of
    design, and by discussing important design decisions.

Also, read Thomas Reps' thesis if you can find it. It won an award,
and so is quite likely to be in a library near you. I'd be interested
to know what he's doing now.

There seemed to be quite a lot of interest in synyax-directed editing
and incremental compilation using attribute grammars about ten years
ago. How much of this work has survived to the present day? How much
of it has proved really useful?
Richard Brooksby <>
ML Project / Symbolic Processing Division / Harlequin
+44 223 872522 ext 50

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