Re: Abstract Interpretation Query (Jyh-Herng Chow)
Sun, 6 Sep 1992 22:06:59 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Jyh-Herng Chow)
Organization: UIUC Center for Supercomputing Research and Development
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1992 22:06:59 GMT
References: 92-09-038 92-09-041
Keywords: functional, logic

Ashok Sreenivas <> writes:
>What I want to know is: has anybody applied it to everyday imperative
>languages in real life (i.e. to languages like Pascal, C, and
>analyses like type analysis, data flow analysis etc.)?

Yes, the Miprac compiler, a multilingual parallelizing compiler (for C,
Lisp, Fortran, etc) by W.L. Harrison and Z.Ammarguellat at CSRD uses a
very compilicated abstract interpretation for obtaining side-effects, data
dependences and object lifetimes information, for both numerical and
symbolic programs. For an overview of this compiler, see

        "A Program's Eye View of Miprac", Williams L. Harrison and
        Zahira Ammarguellat, in proc. 5th Workshop on Languages and Compilers
        for Parallel Computing, Yale University, August, 1992

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465 CSRL
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