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Ashok Sreenivas <ashok@trddc.ernet.in>
Fri, 4 Sep 1992 16:57:00 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Ashok Sreenivas <ashok@trddc.ernet.in>
Organization: University of Tennessee, Knoxville - CS Department
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1992 16:57:00 GMT
Keywords: functional, logic, question

I am working on trying to formalise program analyses and
transformations. In this connection, I have come across a technique
called Abstract Interpretation. So far, I've only seen a lot of
theory regarding it, and some applications to functional and logic

What I want to know is: has anybody applied it to everyday imperative
languages in real life (i.e. to languages like Pascal, C, and
analyses like type analysis, data flow analysis etc.)?

If so, what were your experiences with Abstract Interpretation?

I'm posting this for a friend who doesn't have access to news.
Preferably, email responses to Ashok Sreenivas at the following email
address: ashok@trddc.ernet.in If this is not possible, please send me
email (mehta@cs.utk.edu) and/or post on comp.compilers.


Dinesh P. Mehta
Computer Science Dept
University of Tennessee Space Institute


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