Re: Dynamic compilation/linking (Torben Bang Nielsen)
13 Dec 91 15:09:11 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Torben Bang Nielsen)
Keywords: linking, experiment
Organization: Computer Resources International A/S
References: 91-12-031
Date: 13 Dec 91 15:09:11 GMT (Steve Boswell) writes:

>I'm currently working on an extendible compiler, so I can experiment with
>different language ideas. It's based on C, for its low-level abilities.
>I'd like to compile a given piece of code into machine code and have it in
>some buffer in memory, then call it. Additionally I'd like to be able to
>read code in from disk and run it.

I've been looking around in the man-pages on our SunOs 4.1 system for any
information on this subject. Well burried in section 3, without many
references to it, four functions are mentioned: dlopen, dlclose, dlerror
and dlsym. These function should apparantly be a simple interface to
dynamically loading object files. However I haven't been able to get my
example to run, I suspect it has something to do with my inability to get
'ld' run on the file with a '-A' option. Have anybody had any experiences
with theese functions and 'ld'?

Torben Bang Nielsen
Copenhagen, Denmark

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