Dynamic compilation/linking

Steve Boswell <whatis@ucsd.edu>
5 Dec 91 18:56:06 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.c
From: Steve Boswell <whatis@ucsd.edu>
Followup-To: comp.compilers
Keywords: linking, experiment
Organization: University of California, San Diego
Date: 5 Dec 91 18:56:06 GMT

I'm currently working on an extendible compiler, so I can experiment with
different language ideas. It's based on C, for its low-level abilities.
I'd like to compile a given piece of code into machine code and have it in
some buffer in memory, then call it. Additionally I'd like to be able to
read code in from disk and run it.

Can this be done portably? (Obviously I will not expect code compiled on
one machine to run on another.)

Please mail replies, I'll post a summary.

Steve Boswell
[The short answer is no, but there may be approaches that are relatively
easily ported to a variety of machines. Certainly many versions of Unix
have linker options, usually poorly documented, which let you link code
intended to be read into an existing image. -John]

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