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"Michael A. Sewell" <>
17 Sep 2000 22:59:56 -0400

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From: "Michael A. Sewell" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 17 Sep 2000 22:59:56 -0400
Organization: Noble Ox Software
References: 00-09-104
Keywords: GCC

> - actually I want g++. assuming a g++ port, is the result any use for
> porting gcc? are they "RTL-compatible" ?

Concerning g++, its now only available as part of the gcc distribution, as
declared in:

> actually my first step problem is to download the right set of
> source/executable packages to start with. and the "how to port gcc"
> manual I heard about but searchengines don't find...

I have made an attempt to locate the manual for you, but so far have been
unlucky, I'm sorry

ALL downloadable versions can be found at:
and there are several readme files concerning each distribution

Also consider looking at the following link:

The following is the main html home page for gcc

This page has several links concerning the porting of gcc, and is probably
where you should look first

Hope this helps


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