How good is Kaplan's book on "little languages"?
24 Dec 1999 00:31:00 -0500

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How good is Kaplan's book on "little languages"? (1999-12-24)
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Date: 24 Dec 1999 00:31:00 -0500
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I have to build a "little language" (application-specific programming
language) and a small C-like interpreter for my Windows applications
so I'm looking at this book as a possible starting point:

"Constructing Language Processors for Little Languages"
By Randy M. Kaplan

Does anybody of you have any comment regarding this book?
Is it good?
Is there anything better on the market?
Any other suggestion?

NOTE: I know of the "Dragon book" and I read it (just read...), but
this is my first time with REAL compiler/interpreter construction...

Thanks in advance for your attention
[The content's not bad but I found Kaplan's writing style to be amazingly
unpleasant to read, sort of like army ants marching across the page. -John]

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