Syntax directed text processing (Roman Shaposhnick)
1 Dec 1999 23:42:21 -0500

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Syntax directed text processing (1999-12-01)
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From: (Roman Shaposhnick)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 1 Dec 1999 23:42:21 -0500
Organization: St.Petersburg University
Keywords: parse, translator, question


I am looking for any implementation of the syntax directed text
processing. Existing tools would be great, but I also appreciate any
research papers or discussions. What I mean when saying "syntax
directed text processing" is actually two problems glued
together. First is the problem of practically useful way of SSDTS
specification. Something less verbal and more compact that the
classical style. For example if I want to convert infix notation to
the postfix one I will use something like:

          S -> [ E, E ]
          E -> [ P op1 E, P E op1 ]
          E -> [ P, P ]
          P -> [ T op2 P, T P op2 ]
          P -> [ T, T ]
          T -> [ ( E ), E ]
          T -> [ name, name ]

But this notation is unacceptable for the command line utility or
something like that. This is the first problem. The second is the
automata that will parse input and generate output. I think that
something like "yacc-interpreter" will do the work, but I am not sure
if it is already implemented or not.

Any ideas are highly appreciated.


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