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"Michael Neitzel" <nei@parsytec.de>
1 Dec 1999 23:41:58 -0500

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* New Compiler for Windows * nei@parsytec.de (Michael Neitzel) (1999-12-01)
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From: "Michael Neitzel" <nei@parsytec.de>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Followup-To: poster
Date: 1 Dec 1999 23:41:58 -0500
Organization: Customer of UUNET Deutschland GmbH, Dortmund, Germany
Keywords: Basic, Windows

Hi Guys !

I develop at this time a Basic Compiler for Windows.
Its going pretty good so far.

If someone interested to join the project or want to sign in as a beta user
then sign in:


go to FQA and sign in for a *FREE* Version
sorry i must update this should be FAQ ;-)

Features of the Compiler:

# True Windows Compiler (not only cmd-line)
# generates true 32 Bit Assembler
# integrated Assembler and Linker
# full basic language support
# can create EXE / DLL / VXD / even SYS (Win NT Kernel Mode)
# Inline Assembler and Inline C in Basic Source possible
# can make Release and Debug Versions
# included a own superior debuger (under development)
# No Runtime / special DLL's need
# included a installer
# Resource Editor (Under Construction with TRUE What u see ist what u get)
# Events like VB (FormLoad, MouseMove etc.)
# 3DNow, MMX P-II, P-III Support
and much more

NOTE: My Webpage still under construction i spend more time for the

Best regards Michael Neitzel

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