Re: I need some help with a BNF converter (Roman Shaposhnick)
23 Nov 1999 13:00:48 -0500

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Re: I need some help with a BNF converter (1999-11-23)
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From: (Roman Shaposhnick)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Nov 1999 13:00:48 -0500
Organization: St.Petersburg University
References: 99-11-120
Keywords: books, parse, comment

On 20 Nov 1999 22:38:43 -0500, Ivan Naumov wrote:
>I am writing some program that convert BNF grammar. (Program deletes
>some nonterminals for getting better parser.)
>I want to new some info about equivalent transformation for grammars.
>If someone knew some algorithms for grammar conversation, or knew
>other newsgroups or sites in which I can find necessary
>information. Please answer on this message.
>If someone deal with similar challenge it will be good mail to:

    The basic source of information is The Book :)

      "Principles of Compiler Design" by Alfred V. Aho, Jeffrey D. Ullman

    If you live in Russia you are lucky, since you may read this book in
    russian, and I know nothing about how the english edition can be obtained.
    It is out of print.

    Also you may find useful the following book:

    "Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools" by Alfred V. Aho, et al

    but for me this book is less "science" than the first one.

    Almost forget to mention very theoretical set of books:

        "Handbook of Formal Languages" by G. Rozenberg(Editor), A. Salomaa (Contributor)

    but I doubt that it would be very interesting for the practical side.

    Also you could write me a letter describing your difficulties with the
    topic and may be I would be able to help, since I had a chance to battle
    with this question.

[There are a few copies available at used book dealers on the net. -John]

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