Intraprocedural points-to analysis

"Niels Vanspauwen" <Niels.Vanspauwen@Student.Kuleuven.Ac.Be>
3 Nov 1999 21:46:28 -0500

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From: "Niels Vanspauwen" <Niels.Vanspauwen@Student.Kuleuven.Ac.Be>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 3 Nov 1999 21:46:28 -0500
Organization: KULeuvenNet
Keywords: analysis, question

I'm looking for a good *intraprocedural* points-to analysis algorithm.

I have found a lot of papers and PhD's on interprocedural,
flow-sensitive, context-sensitive points-to analysis, but that's all
way to advanced for my needs. All of them mention the fact that
intraprocedural pointer analysis is the technique that most compilers
use, but none of them go into detail, nor do they give references :-(

Does anybody know of papers or books that deal with this topic, or even
better online resources?


Niels Vanspauwen
Student @ KULeuven
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Computer Science

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