YACC embedded actions

20 Sep 1999 12:03:58 -0400

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From: mark_doherty@my-deja.com
Newsgroups: comp.lang.ada,comp.compilers
Date: 20 Sep 1999 12:03:58 -0400
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Keywords: yacc, question, comment

I'm a writting an application that make use of 'expressions'

At the moment I can compute the expression. What I want to do is
extract the expression string.

This is so that the application I am writting, simple auto code
generator, can insert the expression string into the code and not the
evaluation of the expression (as it currently does).

I think I want to make use of embedded actions but I can find no
examples of this.

The expression rule I am using has been defined using recursion and
%left / %right / %noassoc directives.

This is NOT homework!
[There's really no easy automated way to do it. Have each token carry its
string representation along and glue the pieces together in each reduction.
Embedded rules wouldn't be useful here. -John]

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