New version of COCOM (Russian Armoury) toolset is ready now.
10 Sep 1999 00:04:12 -0400

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New version of COCOM (Russian Armoury) toolset is ready now. (1999-09-10)
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Date: 10 Sep 1999 00:04:12 -0400
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New version (0.99) of COCOM toolset (Russian Armoury) is ready now.
The major difference of it from the previous (0.98) version is a new
component - interpreter of Dino language. The interpreter is
illustration of COCOM usage (more accurately of three its components:
SPRUT, MSTA, and SHILKA). You can find the latest version of COCOM on

DINO is high level scripting dynamic-typed language. DINO is oriented
on the same domain of applications as famous scripting languages perl,
tcl, python. The most of programmers know C language. Therefore Dino
aims to look like C language where it is possible. Dino is an object
oriented languages with garbage collection. Dino has possibilities of
parallelism description and exceptions handling. Dino is an
extensible language with possibility of dynamic load of libraries
written on other languages. The high level structures of Dino are

      o heterogenous extensible arrays
      o extensible associative tables with possibilities of deleting
          table elements
      o objects

Originally, Dino was used in a russian graphics company ANIMATEK (<url
url="" name="">) for
description of movement of dinosaurs in an project. It has been
considerably redesigned and implemented with the aid of COCOM tool

Dino interpreter itself is valuable as a separate component. If you
are interesting in only Dino interpreter, you can download it
separately from

Vladimir Makarov (,

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