Re: Tcl/Tk grammar for lex/yacc/bison ?

" Paul Evans" <>
5 Sep 1999 02:39:54 -0400

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From: " Paul Evans" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 5 Sep 1999 02:39:54 -0400
Organization: APK Net
References: 99-08-096
Keywords: parse

        My shot in the dark:

I'm fairly sure that a tcl extension that used breakpoint debugging
would be a fast way to deal with parsing Tcl. Or, if you dont want to
run the program at all you may be able to just overload some core
functions like TclEval() and still get by writing an extension, which
has benfits in extensibility and compatabilitiy.

I haven't done this, and it's been several versions since I fooloed
around with tcl innards so this may not be possible, but it may be
worth looking into. Maybe looking at exsisting Tcl tools that use
breakpoints or asking in comp.lang.tcl would help.


Elmar Gerwalin <> wrote
> I'm looking for the Tcl/Tk grammar to use it with lex/yacc/ bison.
> Only simple Tcl/Tk code must be analyzed, so there's no need for a
> very professional tool.

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