Re: MPDS-CODE binary format?

"Chris Madden" <>
30 Jul 1999 22:25:52 -0400

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From: "Chris Madden" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.arch.embedded
Date: 30 Jul 1999 22:25:52 -0400
Organization: Ireland On-Line
References: 99-07-133
Keywords: linker

Hi Alexey,

MPDS - CODE: It is mentioned in the IAR H8 manuals - basically it's a
binary file whose values are an image of what you'd expect to find in
memory (byte-for-byte) on the target e.g. if the first byte in the
MPDS file has a value 0x03 then the first byte at address 0 in memory
would be 0x03 etc..

Also, you can choose to fill in unused values in memory with a given value.

That's basically it - sorry I don't have any references.

Alexey Morozov wrote...
>I have bumped across a mystery binary format called MPDS-CODE.

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