Re: MPDS-CODE binary format? (Bill H)
30 Jul 1999 22:20:47 -0400

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From: (Bill H)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.arch.embedded
Date: 30 Jul 1999 22:20:47 -0400
Organization: Posted via Supernews,
References: 99-07-133
Keywords: linker

<> wrote:
>I have bumped across a mystery binary format called MPDS-CODE. I have
>searched all known web and news search engines but failed to find any
>information about it (or just MPDS alone for that matter).
>I am using IAR's 68HC11 compiler and this is one of the output formats I
>need to be using, so I am looking for any information on this format.

Why do you "need it" if you don't know what it does. Why can't use use
on of the more common outputs.

I suspect that this is propritory format used by a
emulator/ICE/development system,

Motorola has the MMDS. I wonder if this is a version of that are maybe
even a typo.


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