OpenScheme compiler 1.3 released

Guilhem de Wailly <>
19 Jul 1999 01:31:06 -0400

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OpenScheme compiler 1.3 released (Guilhem de Wailly) (1999-07-19)
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From: Guilhem de Wailly <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Jul 1999 01:31:06 -0400
Organization: Erian Concept
Keywords: Scheme, available

Erian Concept is glad to announce OpenScheme 1.3

OpenScheme is a Scheme interpreter/compiler/debugger conform to the
R5RS standard (only scheme-report-environment, null-environment are
not supported)

It is available for Intel PC with Linux or Windows [(R)
Microsoft]. BeOS and Solaris ports is planed soon. Since the user
sees the same interface, cross-development is easy and immediate.

OpenScheme integrates a lot of interesting features, such as a regular
expression parser, object oriented system, CLOS based, console Object
Oriented interface, an standardized Operating System access, a
preemptive timer library that is thread compatible.

A low-level set of primitives and a OO graphical library are now
available. The OO graphical library is entirely written in Scheme. It
provides all the common Widgets.

OpenScheme is open to the net: A NET plugin provides all the necessary
functions to access to the net, such as Sockets, Crypt, Encode, Mail,
CGI, ...

A fully relational database engine is also provided in the
professional edition. It allows to handle any number of files, large
objects, objects with variable size, files larger than 4Go.

OpenScheme includes an interpreter that performs on-flow compilation
and a compiler that produces pure ANSI C compatible with GCC and
Visual C++ [(R) Microsoft] compilers. It also includes a command line
symbolic debugger.

OpenScheme allows to put in the same source file high level Object
Oriented code, standard Scheme, C and assembly (that breaks
portability). This feature provides an impressive power to the
development environment.

OpenScheme is commercially supported by:

                Erian Concept
                Le Stella, 155 bd de la Madeleine
                06000 - Nice - FRANCE
                Phone: +33 493 441 806
                Fax : +33 493 441 806
                WEB :

OpenScheme is distributed in four editions:

-Free WEB edition: fully function version, with plain HTML
documentation. The distribution is provided with a license number for
one month. This version can be freely distributed (distributor may
request a special license number).

-Free CD edition: This is the same that the WEB version, plus extra
documentation and Scheme sources of the plugins. The Free edition does
allow to have profits. The license number has no limitation.

-Standard edition: This version allows to have profits and to sold all
derivated products, royalties free. A technical support is provided by
Erian Concept.

-Professional edition: This edition includes the paper manuals, the
OSD database engine. OSD is a native relational database kernel with
an unlimited number of simultaneously opened tables, wide files
(>4Go), variable length fields, b+tree indexes, memory tables, etc.
In addition, free updates for the next three minor and major releases
of OpenScheme.

Our sponsors are:
- NetUltra (,
- Les Logiciels du Soleil (,
- Khéops France ( and
- SupMedia (

The OpenScheme team.
Erian Concept | Tel: +33 (0) 493 441 806
Guilhem de Wailly, PhD Directeur/Manager | GSM: +33 (0) 682 183 963
155 bd de la Madeleine-O6000-Nice-FRANCE | Fax: +33 (0) 493 441 806

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