wanted: C source code analysis/metrics

Gary Funck <gary@intrepid.com>
14 Jul 1999 02:08:04 -0400

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wanted: C source code analysis/metrics gary@intrepid.com (Gary Funck) (1999-07-14)
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From: Gary Funck <gary@intrepid.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 14 Jul 1999 02:08:04 -0400
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Keywords: tools, question

We're working on a large C program, and would like to have access to
simple source code metrics such as: (1) how many source code lines per
procedure, (2) how many statements and declarations per procedure, (3)
number of comment and blank lines. We also would like who-calls-what
and who-uses-what info., though it appears that the AT&T tools
(packaged in Solaris's Sunpro C) cscope, cxref, and cflow will do what
we need.

Do you know of any public domain, or inexpensive programs (ideally
that run on Unix) that will do some or all of the analysis tasks
above? Time and dollars are limited, and this is a one-time effort,
so we can't develop anything on our own, or justify the purchase some
full-up product. The code to be analyzed is written in generic/ANSI

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