Compiler positions available for week ending July 11
11 Jul 1999 12:27:38 -0400

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Compiler positions available for week ending July 11 (1999-07-11)
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Date: 11 Jul 1999 12:27:38 -0400
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Date: Fri, 09 Jul 1999 09:22:34 +0200
From: Vania Joloboff <>
Organization: Silicomp
Subject: Junior/Senior Software Engineer, Grenoble, FRANCE

Organization: Groupe Silicomp

Job Title: Junior Software Engineer or Senior Software Engineer

Location: Grenoble, FRANCE

Groupe Silicomp is an international company employing over 400 people
worldwide, with presence in Europe, Asia and North America.
We are now recruiting compiler engineers for our compiler lab in
Grenoble, France, to work on Java compilers.

More information on our work can be found at

Job responsibilities:

Work with a small team on the Java compilers that we develop
(both Just-In-Time and Ahead-Of-Time compilers)
The work includes design and specifications, development
and testing of new software, and support of our existing software.

This position provides opportunities to develop creativity and problem
solving skills in a highly technical development environment that
stresses both independence and collaboration with other team members.

The ideal candidate will have broad knowledge in computing science plus
intense interest in object oriented language interpreters and/or
compilers. The applicants will speak English fluently,
work well in teams, be self motivated, move rapidly and
confidently to tackle new challenges.

We would prefer to hire senior people with background in developing
compilers but we are prepared to hire junior engineers
as long as compiler is a strong motivation.

We have two types of positions open. For both positions
the generic requirements are:

- MS or Ph D. or engineering school degree
- Preferably industry experience, but not required.
- Experience with compilers for senior candidates
- Java and object-oriented design experience preferably
but not required.
- Some knowledge of computer architecture and hardware concepts.
- Ability to rapidly understand an existing code base.
- We are located in France but we have international staff and the
    working language is English.

In addition,
o For the first type of position we are looking at candidates
interested in high level optimizations such as interprocedural
analysis, data flow analysis, global and local optimization,
and preferably SSA techniques.

o For the second type of position we are looking at candidates
interested in code generation, possibly with experience in
assemblers and code generation for ARM or MIPS or Hitachi SH processors.

Contact Information:

                Vania Joloboff
                Silicomp Research Institute
                2 Avenue de Vignate
                38610 Gieres
                Tel: +33 47 663 4892

Please send e-mail resumes as ASCII or Postscript or HTML or PDF
or MS Word to or


From: Lisa Martin <>
Subject: Microsoft Compiler Career Opportunities - still open
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 09:32:35 -0700

Microsoft Corporation
Location: Redmond, Washington

Software Design Engineer

Microsoft has several opportunities for strong compiler engineers with
an expertise in high end optimizing compilers. Design and implement
code generation and optimizations strategies for state-of-the-art
microprocessors. Responsibilities include: code quality analysis,
benchmarking, algorithm design & implementation, integration and
testing for new phases in Microsoft's optimizing compiler backend.
Heavy use of graph theory, dataflow analysis, advanced data
structures, and optimization strategies/techniques to solve complex
problems in code generation and optimization. Qualifications: Must
have experience coding in C/C++. Working knowledge of BASIC or Java
and one or more assembly languages is a plus.

Software Design Engineer

Microsoft's Visual C++ Team is in search of development talent
interested in adding support for Microsoft's systems technologies such
as COM into C++, adding Rapid Application Development (RAD) features
that integrate the compiler into the development environment, or
adding modern features such as garbage collection to C++.
Qualifications: The ideal candidate would have 3 years experience
working on a C++ front end, would be very familiar with COM from a
user perspective and have ideas for integrating it into the language,
would have experience working on parsers or IDE for RAD tools, and
will have participated in the delivery of 2 or more products. We are
looking for creative candidates that want to take C++ beyond the
textbook. BA/BS or an MS degree in Computer Science preferred.

Program Manager

The Microsoft Visual C++ Team is in need of a strong technical Program
Manager who will be responsible for defining and driving all aspects
of C++ compiler technology. This includes both the compiler itself
and language-related development environment features such as
IntelliSense. Responsibilities include understanding the needs of
developers, writing functional specifications, working with the
development, testing and documentation teams to deliver on those
specifications, and coordinating closely with other groups inside of
Microsoft as well as external partners and customers. Qualifications:
The ideal candidate will have a strong programming background (with
experience in Java and at least one other language preferred) and good
technical communication skills.

For immediate consideration, please forward a current resume to:

Lisa Martin
Developer Tools Recruiting
(425) 703-7944

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