Re: link-optimization in C

Christopher Brian Colohan <>
22 May 1999 02:56:52 -0400

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From: Christopher Brian Colohan <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 22 May 1999 02:56:52 -0400
Organization: Carnegie Mellon Univ. -- Computer Science Dept.
References: 99-05-091
Keywords: linker

"S. Bochkarev" <> writes:

> Does somebody know: where it is possible to find the correct
> description of linker- operations in the last versions of C ++ from
> Microsoft and Inprise ?

I believe the Microsoft Developer's Network includes all the available
documentation on the object formats. Last time I used it it was not
100% accurate, but it was useful.

> Practically, the question can be reformulated so:
> a) Is there a format of x86-obj-files, where
> local references to a code-segment are
> especially presented ?

This information may be contained in the fixups/relocation entries.

> b) If it is:
> - which C/C++ compiler can generate them ?
> - which linker can work with them ?

I'm not sure.

> c) Which from C-compilers can effectively delete the
> local unused procedures (without conflicts with ANSI-
> definitions of the preprocessor) ?

I know that IBM's VisualAge C++ for Windows and OS/2 did this in the
linker as of about 4 years ago -- but it used the OMF object format
and not MS-COFF as the compiler output.


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