Re: References on Implementing Exceptions

Matthias Blume <>
25 Feb 1999 01:34:48 -0500

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From: Matthias Blume <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 25 Feb 1999 01:34:48 -0500
Organization: Center for Information and Multimedia Studies, Kyoto University, JAPAN
References: 99-02-117
Keywords: errors

> Can anyone out there recommend any good books/articles/web pages
> that discuss the implementation of exception handling in C++ or
> other programming languages? I'm looking for something fairly
> deep and detailed, not just a hand-wave about unwinding the stack
> until the appropriate handler is discovered. I'm looking for all
> the gory details.

If you are really also interested in languages "other" that C++
(meaning "languages using completely different programming paradigms
and implementation models"), then it might be instructive to look at
Andrew Appel's book "Compiling with Continuations" (Cambridge, 1990),
especially chapter 5.8. This describes how exceptions are implemented
for Standard ML in the SML/NJ compiler.

However, I warn you: You will not find any "gory details" as there are
none (unless you think continuations to be "gory" :-).


PS: I don't mean that the book is lacking the gory details -- I mean
that the technique itself does not involve gory details (IMHO).
Matthias Blume <>
Kyoto University, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences

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