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From: (Jochen Burghardt)
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Date: 12 Feb 1999 02:51:41 -0500
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8th International Conference on
Compiler Construction

C C 9 9

Amsterdam, the Netherlands 20-28 March 1999

CC'99 is held within the ETAPS'99, which is the primary European forum
for academic and industrial researchers working on topics relating to
Software Science.

During 9 days, ETAPS will give you the opportunity to choose between
more than 100 regular papers covering a wide range of topics from
theory to practice, 7 invited lectures, 9 tutorials, and 6 satellite

The deadline for early registration has been extended to 1ST MARCH.
Register NOW!

Detailed information including the full programme and on-line
registration form are available at the web address above. An
attractive poster is available from .


Main conferences
International Conference on Compiler Construction (CC)

European Symposium on Programming (ESOP)

Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS)

Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering (FASE)

Foundations of Software Science and Computation Structures (FOSSACS)

Satellite events
2nd Intl. Workshop on Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science

Action Semantics Workshop

CWI Soiree

2nd Intl. Workshop on Attribute Grammars and their Applications

Common Framework Initiative Workshop

ERCIM Working Group on Programming Language Technologies

Invited speakers
Philip Wadler (Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill)
Making Java easier to type, and easier to type

Paul Hudak (Yale University)
Functional reactive programming

Herbert Weber (Technische Universitaet Berlin)
Continuous engineering of information and communication infrastructure

Martin Abadi (Compaq Systems Research Center, Palo Alto)
Security protocols and specifications

Jeff Kramer (Imperial College London)
Modelling for mere mortals

Jean-Claude Laprie, (LAAS Toulouse)
Software-based critical systems

Javier Esparza (Technische Universitaet Muenchen)
Grammars as processes

P. Klint (CWI and Univ. Amsterdam), A. van Deursen (CWI, Amsterdam)
and C. Verhoef (Univ. Amsterdam), INVITED TUTORIAL
Research challenges in renovation of legacy software

D. Sangiorgi (INRIA, Sophia Antipolis), INVITED TUTORIAL
Reasoning about processes using types

N. Jones (Copenhagen University)
Computability and complexity from a programming perspective

T. Reps (Univ. of Wisconsin), M. Sagiv (Tel Aviv University),
R. Wilhelm (Univ. des Saarlandes, Saarbruecken)
Shape analysis with applications

G. Castagna (ENS Paris)
Foundations of object-oriented programming

C. Lopes (Xerox PARC)
Aspect-Oriented programming using AspectJ

E.A. Emerson (University of Texas, Austin)
Model checking

K. Jensen (Aarhus University)
Modelling, validation and verification by means of coloured Petri net

T. Margaria (Univ. of Dortmund)
Verification of parametric systems or monadic 2nd order logic in practice


Support for participation, travel and accommodation costs is available
under the Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR) Programme of the
European Union for nationals of European Union countries (including
Norway, Israel, Iceland and Liechtenstein) who are 35 years old or
younger. Further information on the conditions as well as an
application form are available on the web address given above and can
also be obtained by fax from the organisers.


ETAPS'99 will be held in Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands
since the early 19th century, but with a rich history dating back to
the early 14th century. Amsterdam is now the economic, cultural, and
social centre of a region of about 2 million people. It was one of the
most important European trade cities in the 17th century, when the
Netherlands played a predominant polical and cultural role in Europe.

The venue chosen for ETAPS is the RAI Conference and Exhibition Centre
and the NOVOTEL. The RAI is situated in the south of Amsterdam, with
excellent public transport connections to the city centre and the


ETAPS'98 has received generous sponsorship from KPN Research, Philips
Research, the EU programme "Training and Mobility of Researchers",
CWI, the University of Amsterdam, the European Association for
Programming Languages and Systems and the European Association for
Theoretical Computer Science.


Rudolf Eigenmann (USA), Guang R. Gao (USA), Francois Irigoin (France),
Stefan Jähnichen (Chair, Germany), Thomas Johnsson (Sweden), Derrick
Kourie (South Africa), Olivier Michel (France), Jerzy Nawrocki (Poland),
Lawrence Rauchwerger (USA), Yves Robert (France), Mooly Sagiv (Israel),
Martin Simons (Germany), Chau-Wen Tseng (USA), David A. Watt (Scotland),
Reinhard Wilhelm (Germany), Hans Zima (Austria)


Don Sannella (Edinburgh, chairman), Andre Arnold (Bordeaux), Egidio
Astesiano (Genova), Jan Bergstra (Amsterdam), Ed Brinksma (Enschede),
Rance Cleaveland (Stony Brook), Pierpaolo Degano (Pisa), Hartmut Ehrig
(Berlin), Jose Fiadeiro (Lisbon), Jean-Pierre Finance (Nancy),
Marie-Claude Gaudel (Paris), Susanne Graf (Grenoble), Stefan
Jaehnichen (Berlin), Paul Klint (Amsterdam), Kai Koskimies (Tampere),
Tom Maibaum (London), Ugo Montanari (Pisa), Hanne Riis Nielson
(Aarhus), Fernando Orejas (Barcelona), Gert Smolka (Saarbruecken),
Doaitse Swierstra (Utrecht), Wolfgang Thomas (Aachen), Jerzy Tiuryn
(Warsaw), David Watt (Glasgow)

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