The Memory Management Reference release 1.5

"Pekka P. Pirinen" <>
10 Feb 1999 18:12:52 -0500

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The Memory Management Reference release 1.5 (Pekka P. Pirinen) (1999-02-10)
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From: "Pekka P. Pirinen" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.programming
Date: 10 Feb 1999 18:12:52 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: storage

Harlequin's Adaptive Memory Management Group has updated The Memory
Management Reference, a set of web pages containing a glossary,
bibliography, FAQ, and other resources. This is a minor release,
adding a few dozen glossary entries, improving a few pages, and
updating the calendar, but not the bibliography or the introductory

The pages are available at <URL:>.

As always, we hope you will find The Reference useful and informative,
and will be glad to hear your comments. Please send them to says:

    Welcome to The Memory Management Reference -- a resource for everyone
    interested in memory management and garbage collection. ... These
    pages concentrate some of the best knowledge in the field. We encourage
    you not only to use this resource, but to improve it by sending us
    feedback and submitting new material for consideration.

If you wish to be informed of changes or updates to The Memory
Management Reference, please join our mailing list. To do this, send
email to, with the single line:

    subscribe mmref-news

in the body. There is no need to set the subject. You will be sent
further instructions on how to join. If you wish to subscribe an
address other than the one your email is sent from, use the line:

    subscribe mmref-news user@site.domain

replacing "user@site.domain" with your email address. On joining
successfully, you will be sent an introduction to the list, which
includes instructions on accessing the archive and unsubscribing.

In case of any trouble, send email giving full details to, where it will be read by a human.
Pekka P. Pirinen, editor
Harlequin Group plc, Cambridge, UK

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