Re: optimization framework

Artur Biesiadowski <>
7 Feb 1999 00:13:10 -0500

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From: Artur Biesiadowski <>
Date: 7 Feb 1999 00:13:10 -0500
Organization: Politechnika Gdanska
References: 99-02-024
Keywords: optimize

"Rodrigo Augusto B. Ferreira" wrote:
> I'm looking for a Java/C/C++/Pascal/Eiffel/... framework for
> implementing an aggressive optimizing compiler backend with major
> known algorithms implemented, allowing intermediate code and target
> machine customization. It's for a JVM study.

I think that gcc is what you are looking for. Espeically with egcs
there are many frontends, including java, C, C++. Pascal should not be
hard to write, worse is with eiffel. You can jump in at any gcc stage
to perform optimalizations - there are plenty of them there already.


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