[Announce] SML/E v1.0: Type Explainer for Standard ML

Dominic Duggan <dduggan@guinness.cs.stevens-tech.edu>
27 Jan 1999 12:12:32 -0500

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[Announce] SML/E v1.0: Type Explainer for Standard ML dduggan@guinness.cs.stevens-tech.edu (Dominic Duggan) (1999-01-27)
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From: Dominic Duggan <dduggan@guinness.cs.stevens-tech.edu>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Jan 1999 12:12:32 -0500
Organization: Stevens Institute of Technology
Keywords: ML, functional, available

This is to announce the availability of version 1.0 of
the SML/E type explainer. From the SML/E User Manual:

    Standard ML is a research and teaching programming language. One of its
    major innovations is its provision for type inference, allowing the
    programmer to omit type information from programs and allowing the type
    checker to infer this missing type information. Type inference is also
    seeing application in reverse engineering of legacy C and COBOL code.

    Standard ML of New Jersey (SML/NJ) is a popular implementation of SML/NJ,
    developed jointly by Lucent Bell Labs and Princeton University.

    SML/E is a modification of the SML/NJ compiler to help the programmer
    to diagnose the reasons that certain types where inferred. It essentially
    opens up the "black box" of type inference to the programmer, with the
    intention of helping to diagnose type errors.

SML/E Home Page:


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