[Announcement] PAISLEI 1.0 with LPM 2.0 C++ Source Released

"Quinn Tyler Jackson" <qjackson@wave.home.com>
30 Nov 1998 02:14:59 -0500

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[Announcement] PAISLEI 1.0 with LPM 2.0 C++ Source Released qjackson@wave.home.com (Quinn Tyler Jackson) (1998-11-30)
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From: "Quinn Tyler Jackson" <qjackson@wave.home.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 Nov 1998 02:14:59 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: parse, lex, tools, available

[This will be the last time I will be making a public announcement
about PAISLEI 1.0 and LPM 2.0. -qtj]

PAISLEI 1.0, a graphical grammar development, testing, and debugging
IDE for Win32 systems (95/98/NT), has been officially released.
Although PAISLEI is a Win32 tool, the C++ class it generates, in
combination with the supporting LPM C++ classes used for pattern
matching, have been successfully compiled and and the test suite run
under these platforms:


PAISLEI and LPM are copyrighted freeware that may be used in any
system, commercial or otherwise, governed by the following license:


I have no plans of ever charging a fee to use either PAISLEI or LPM.

The official anonymous FTP links to the self-installing binary (1.9
megs) can be found at:


(Full C++ source to version 2.0 of the LPM pattern matching suite of
classes is included with the install.)

Although LPM and PAISLEI have gone through a beta testing cycle,
please remember that this is version 1.0 of The PAISLEI IDE, and it
may still contain defects. Only by sending complaints and feedback to
lpm_defect@qtj.net will these issues be properly addressed in future

I'd like to thank the beta testers who assisted me during both the C++
portability phase of the beta, as well as those who offered
constructive feedback during the IDE testing phase. I would also like
to thank John Levine of iecc.com for providing a mirror ftp site to
lessen the load on my ftp server. Additional acknowledgements to be
found at:


Quinn Tyler Jackson

email: qjackson@wave.home.com
url: http://www.qtj.net/~quinn/
ftp: qtj.net

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