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"Larry Brasfield" <>
21 Nov 1998 12:02:54 -0500

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From: "Larry Brasfield" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.programming
Date: 21 Nov 1998 12:02:54 -0500
Organization: Serendipitous Endeavors
References: 98-11-102
Keywords: yacc wrote in message 98-11-102...
> I am working on MS VC++ on NT and while compiling a very large
>grammar I get the following error:
>"sqlparser.y", line 12054: maximum table size (32767) exceeded
> After doing some research, we found out that in the source code for
>bison v.1.25 there is a #define MAXTABLE 32767 in machine.h. We can
>modify that value, but does anyone now what would the consequences be?

I would look to see where the value is used, and be sure any tables
limited to that size are not addressed by short int's. The limit
probably reflects an assumed int size for the DOS target, making it
safe to change, but I would still check for short's.

>Is there another way to overcome this bison 32K limitation?

Push more of the work into the scanner? You must have one Hell of a

--Larry Brasfield

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