Q: Innards of Quick Basic 4.5 compiler

"jdm" <jdm1intxDIE_SPAMBOT_DIE@airmail.net>
19 Nov 1998 23:29:03 -0500

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Q: Innards of Quick Basic 4.5 compiler jdm1intxDIE_SPAMBOT_DIE@airmail.net (jdm) (1998-11-19)
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From: "jdm" <jdm1intxDIE_SPAMBOT_DIE@airmail.net>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Nov 1998 23:29:03 -0500
Organization: Airnews.net! at Internet America
Keywords: Basic, question

Is there anyone out there with knowledge of the internals of the QB
4.5 compiler? I'm interested in what sort of parser it uses, what
language it was written in, what kind of optimizations it does (if
any) . . . any details or info I can get would be greatly appreciated.


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