Ideas for Parsing Examples Requested

"Quinn Tyler Jackson" <>
8 Nov 1998 23:29:33 -0500

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Ideas for Parsing Examples Requested (Quinn Tyler Jackson) (1998-11-08)
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From: "Quinn Tyler Jackson" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 Nov 1998 23:29:33 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: parse, tools


LPM 2.0 with the PAISLEI IDE is now in its 3rd week of beta, and will
be released shortly.

PAISLEI is a graphical grammar development environment for LPM (Win32
systems). LPM 2.0's core components are cross-platform, but the IDE
runs only on Win32 (95/98/NT) systems.

I am now in the documentation and example writing phase, and would be
GREATLY interested in any input as to what example grammars I should
include with the release of PAISLEI. Since it is my hope that PAISLEI
will be useful as a parsing and pattern matching teaching tool in
college and university computer science labs, these example grammars
should illustrate "classic" parsing issues.

Screen shots of the IDE to date can be found at:

The screenshots should give you an idea of what PAISLEI is and does.
The member function grammar used for the screenshots is the only real
example I could dream up. It demonstrates some of the key concepts of
LPM and PAISLEI, but it is a bit opaque for introductory purposes.

Your input is appreciated. If you would like me to send the beta of
PAISLEI as an email attachment so that you can run the member_function
example grammar yourself and see how PAISLEI works, in order to get a
better idea of what example grammars might be possible, please send me
an email.

I appreciate your feedback,

Quinn Tyler Jackson


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