ANNOUNCE Cogencee - compiler generator (Cocolsoft)
6 Nov 1998 15:52:37 -0500

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ANNOUNCE Cogencee - compiler generator (1998-11-06)
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From: (Cocolsoft)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 6 Nov 1998 15:52:37 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
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Cocolsoft Computer Solutions have released Cogencee - compiler
generator for Delphi.

The product was first premiered on Monday 19 October 1998, at the
Australian Delphi User Group meeting in Melbourne, Australia.

Cogencee is a product written in Delphi that produces Delphi code.
Delphi is a program by Inprise (formerly Borland) that enables you to
write Object Pascal code. The compiler language (Cocol) behind Cogencee
was used to generate itself.

The compiler language (Cocol) and your Delphi imbedded code can produce
scanners, parsers, compilers, interpreters, language checkers, natural
language processors, expert system shells, scripting languages and

Cogencee is available for Delphi 1 (16 bit) for Windows 3.1, and Delphi 4
(32 bit). There are two versions - Standard and Professional. The Professional
version is the source code version, with additionally an Obfuscator program,
and hashing tools. Cogencee allows you to make your own products
incorporating the Redistributables.

As well as a manual (including two technical papers that go into great
detail about the underlying theory) there are more than a dozen examples
such as an expression calculator and MP mini pascal compiler and

At the web site are two downloadables which consist of a simple calculator
executable and accompanying notes including the sourcecode, and, a visual
version of the above. Error handling is treated differently in each

Further information is available at ''. Email
to ''.

Regards, Peter Evans.
Cocolsoft Computer Solutions
~~~~~~~~~~Cocolsoft Computer Solutions~~~~~~~~~~
Cogencee compiler generator for Delphi.

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