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From: (RKRayhawk)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 29 Sep 1998 15:49:31 -0400
Organization: AOL
References: 98-09-142
Keywords: C, architecture, books

I have done some more searching for DLX C compilers, and offer these further
notes. The prose is a bit choppy, but the links are very nice.

Generally, you can probably find a way to generate GCC in an older simpler
fashion with a DLX back end, or GCC in a new fashion (more complex because of
C++ embellishments) with the DLX format.

There are a few references to commercial sites here (I have tried to note that
well enough so you can avoid them if you want).

As you will be able to see I can not quite resolve a location for DLX
attachments to GCC 2.8.x. Help is solicited for that. I will continue to try
to resolve the "dcc" thing I mention previously. If it is real, it may be a
distinct compiler.


using searched for "DLX" found

some entries 1992
apparently GNU C version 1.37

dlxcc (based upon GNU GCC)
binaries available

note instruction
Go into this directory, and do the following:
                        % config.gcc dlx
                        % make
(but I find no string dlx in GNU GCC 2.8.1 down loaded from MIT 9/26/98)

This site may still be of interest to anyone wanting to use a simpler GCC of

Note particularly

A higher level README file indicates

* dlx

This directory contains two things: a C compiler for DLX, and a
simulator for DLX. Have a look in the file dlx/daxpy.c for an
example of how this software is used.

See also dlx/man/dlxcc.catman for further info on dlxcc. The
documentation for dlxsim is in dlx/man/manual.dvi; to read this do the
following on an X terminal:

    xdvi dlx/man/manual.dvi


The sample program daxpy.c is C code not just inline assemler.

also full file presentation of
seems to point back to Berkeley and at

there is a bin/ directory, but not yet clear what the target
machine was. (files in the gcc/ source directory indicate
NS32K, ALTOS, i86 and/or MIPS *.h files, ... but up the tree this
appears to be a Sunsite). So if the source is viable at all for you,
you may need to regen GCC for your platform.

thru found

DLX 1991 possibly VAX

thru found

using older GCC again


I have received references to

Their GNUPro package is not free, so this is not exactly responsive to the
original poster's request.
However the package may relate to some institutional interests.

I have not yet learned if the package has been or can be configured to DLX.


GNU inquiries almost always lead back to

this site is mirrored around the world, for example at
which sites may perform better depending upon the time at which and
continent from which you telecommunicate


I personally down loaded a GCC 2.8.x tar file and expanded it.
Interestingly I find no occurrence of the string 'dlx' in the expanded
material. I must be missing something.

The standard GCC (atleast the most recent one) may not have the DLX back-end
>From notes at other sites I have become aware that the dlxcc variation includes
these files:


An excellent location for those interesting in DLX is

mkp is Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc.
publishers of "Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach,
Second Edition," by David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy

This book is basically the origin of the conceptual DLX and the DLX
floating-point extension.
(I am not that steep in this literature, knowledgable viewers are welcome to
correct that synopsis as necessary.)

The cited page has many excellent links!

(Again, as a courtesy to the original poster, and those interested only in free
material, permit me to mention that the mkp site and many of the
sites pointed to by the linked university pages, are commercial in

There is plenty of DLX material here, for example, from here you can find
a gccdlx made with GNU C 2.7.x at University of Minnesota

I have not chased that link yet, It may well be the best to look to for use of
the most recent GCC.

Also of more general reference is a link from the mkp page to
this is for the architecture geeks, it is the the Computer Architecture Page at
the University of Wisconsin.
Oodles of fun stuff there.


Addendum on DLX

For those doing further searching on DLX please note that on the net
the search argument "dlx" is likely to find
      DLX for P&H, and GNU
      DLX of Linux distribution
      DLX a substring in a name for components
              in MS/Encarta product
IT is hard to filters these out, so you have to patiently view
the results.

I have one reference to a "dcc" which may be a DLX C compiler.
I have not yet resolved this. The argument "dcc" can prompt search engines to
return refrences to certain decompiler work at academic institutions, which
also has to be patiently by-passed.

Robert Rayhawk

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