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Morten Christensen <>
26 Sep 1998 01:07:19 -0400

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From: Morten Christensen <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 26 Sep 1998 01:07:19 -0400
Organization: Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd, Maersk Data AS
References: 98-09-049
Keywords: errors

Bernhard Tschirren wrote:

> Could somebody please explain "zero runtime overhead" exception handling.
> Im only familiar with the traditional setjmp() / longjmp() methods.

My M.Sc. thesis discuss this and other methods for implementing
exception handling in compilers. The thesis also present a unified
method which have ZERO runtime overhead (except for native "C" calls
which may throw exceptions). The unified method supports native calls
and use unique code inspection techniques to avoid the traditional
table size problems associated with the static table approach normally
used to implement zero runtime overhead solutions.

You can download my thesis at:

By the way, the thesis is quite long so you should properly jump right
into the methods overview chapter.
Morten M. Christensen,
Odense, Denmark

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