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"Quinn Tyler Jackson" <>
24 Sep 1998 00:24:41 -0400

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New parsing and pattern matching list (Quinn Tyler Jackson) (1998-09-24)
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From: "Quinn Tyler Jackson" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 24 Sep 1998 00:24:41 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: parse, administrivia

I have decided to start a new list,, explicitly for
the discussion of parsing and pattern matching issues.

If you wish to subscribe to the list, send an email to:

the body of the message should contain one line:

        subscribe parsing
        subscribe parsing-digest

(Don't put anything after the list name.)

List details follow:

This list is a non-moderated forum for the discussion of issues
related to automated parsing and pattern matching. Discussions of
natural language parsing and issues particular to
automated/machine-assisted program comprehension are also welcome. It
is my hope that it will become a forum for the discussion of new work
in this field. I am particularly interested in the "new developments"
aspect of this, and invite researchers involved in this sometimes
rather opaque field to share their findings with others.
Bibliographies and reviews of the literature are invited.

Diagrams and graphics in .gif or .jpg format are encouraged if they
assist in illuminating a discussion. I will set up a directory on my
FTP server at where such graphics can be deposited, so that
links can be easily made to a central place to fetch such graphics
that will be known to last at least as long as I am the list owner of

Please note that this list is not intended to be for the discussion of
compilers or compiler technologies, except up to and including the
parsing stage of compilation. There are already established forums for
the discussion of compiler related issues, such as comp.compilers.

List participants are assumed to have a working knowledge of some form
of regular expressions, as well as some form of parsing notation, such
as BNF. A strong working knowledge of a modern programming language
would also be very useful, but is not required.

Special thanks are due to Dr. John Levine for his allowing the use of for the serving of this list.
Quinn Tyler Jackson


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