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Michael Ross <>
24 Sep 1998 00:23:51 -0400

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From: Michael Ross <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 24 Sep 1998 00:23:51 -0400
Organization: Intel Corp.
References: 98-09-061 98-09-117
Keywords: Fortran, optimize, debug

Steve Simmons wrote:
> Convex released a commercially available debugger in '91. A paper was
> presented at ACM SIGPLAN PLDI in June '92. It has good bibliography
> in the back. Lotsa more recent papers like to refer to this one
> paper.
> BTW, I am one of the authors ;-) And yes, I do flip to the back on any
> paper about debugging optimized code to check to see if it is
> referenced (simple vanity)...

Max Copperman published a paper in TOPLAS on debugging optimized code.
And though we never published, if you can find an old Apollo Domain
system with sr9.5 or later, its debugger did a fair job of debugging
optimized code, in the presence of inlining, and most standard global
optimizations. Didn't have to deal with scheduling much for the 68k
architecture, though. -- __

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