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vikrant khanna <vkhanna@iitk.ac.in>
22 Sep 1998 14:41:26 -0400

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MIPS compilers vkhanna@iitk.ac.in (vikrant khanna) (1998-09-22)
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From: vikrant khanna <vkhanna@iitk.ac.in>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 22 Sep 1998 14:41:26 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: optimize, architecture, question, comment

Hello friends,
Can anyone tell me what MIPS architecture specific optimizations
can be done or are presently done in various compilers for MIPS. If
anybody knows the sites where relevant information could found , please
mail me.
Thank you all in advance.

Vikrant Khanna
[The MIPS is a pretty straightforward RISC. Are there really specific
optimizations? I suppose that if you know what model you'll be running
on you might do some load/store scheduling. -John]

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