Re: Parsing Algorithm for General CFGs

Chris F Clark <>
22 Sep 1998 01:12:26 -0400

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From: Chris F Clark <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.theory,comp.programming
Date: 22 Sep 1998 01:12:26 -0400
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References: 98-09-076
Keywords: parse, theory

Yuen-Chang Sun <> writes:

> Actually what I really want to know is the known computational
> complexity of parsing general CFGs. I know there are O(n^3)
> algorithms.
> [General CFGs? I think it's n^3 unless you significantly restrict the
> grammars it can handle. -John]

I have several papers by Thomas Scho\:bel-Theuer which if I understand
correctly (and I may not!) imply the existence of an n^2 algorithm.
Unfortunately, the main one is in German and my German is too rusty
(and was probably never technical enough) for me to get through it at
anything faster than about a page per day. Moreover, some of the
other papers were still drafts in the copies I recieved, so the author
may have changed his views (and I apologize if I have spread incorrect

However, prior to this breakthrough, I believe n^3 was the best known
bounds for general CFG's.


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