PII/PPro specific code generation

Bruce Dawson <comments@cygnus-software.com>
18 Sep 1998 23:11:09 -0400

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From: Bruce Dawson <comments@cygnus-software.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Sep 1998 23:11:09 -0400
Organization: Cygnus Software
Keywords: 386, architecture, performance

I am working on a very CPU intensive mass market project (okay, it's a
game!) and I would like to provide different versions of the game
optimized for different processors. VisualC++ has options for this,
but they aren't very agressive - when PII/PPro is selected it doesn't
make use of any of the instructions specific to these processors, it
just schedules the code the way these processors prefer.

Since instructions like cmov, fcmov and fcom1 seem to have greate
potential for speeding things up I am wondering what compilers support
an option to generate them.

Potentially we would like to end up with separate versions for:

Katmai (I doubt we'll find compiler support for that yet...)

Maintenance reality may shorten the list considerably, but we're
hopefully idealistic now. Any hints on C++ compilers?

Bruce Dawson, Cygnus Software Author of Fractal eXtreme for Win32
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