T3X -- A Minimum Procedural Language

fs29@rummelplatz.uni-mannheim.de (User fs29)
29 Apr 1998 22:28:42 -0400

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T3X -- A Minimum Procedural Language fs29@rummelplatz.uni-mannheim.de (1998-04-29)
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From: fs29@rummelplatz.uni-mannheim.de (User fs29)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 29 Apr 1998 22:28:42 -0400
Organization: Rechenzentrum Uni Mannheim
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T3X -- A Compiler for a Minimum Procedural Language

URL: http://webrum.uni-mannheim.de/sowi/fs29/w3/index.html

T3X is a very basic block structured procedural language
providing only the most frequently required commands and
some novel features like nested array literals -- a
generalization of BCPL-style tables -- and `interface
procedures' for accessing routines of customized runtime
Its syntax is very straight-forward and easy to understand
and its compiler is small and highly portable. The translator
frontend emits Tcode, an intermediate language which is
suitable for both, efficient interpretation and native code

The T3X compiler is written in T3, its predecessor. The source
code of the complete T3X compiler frontend has a size of less
than 1600 lines where definitions of low-level procedures like
copying and comparing strings are already included.

The distribution archive contains the full source code to the
following programs:

o The T3X->Tcode translator (T)

o A Tcode interpreter (K&R C)

o 386 (GAS) and 8086 (TASM,MASM) backends (T)

o Runtime libraries for FreeBSD and DOS (K&R C)

o A simple Tcode disassembler (T)

o An extended Tcode interpreter and libraries providing
device-independant vector graphics primitives
(DOS, Plan9, X11) (K&R C)

A T3X reference manual and some example programs are also

The T3X translator and Tcode interpreter will run on virtually
all systems providing a C compiler. Native code support is
currently available on DOS and FreeBSD (and probably other 386-
based BSDs).
The graphics extensions work on DOS, FreeBSD/X11, and Plan9.
(There is no native code support for Plan9 at this time.)

The T3X distribution archive contains everything (except for
a C compiler, of course) that is required to build the complete
T3X compiler.
Precompiled binaries for the above systems are also available
at my home page.

Nils M. Holm <fs29@rumms.uni-mannheim.de> Home of the
http://webrum.uni-mannheim.de/user/sowi/fs29/w3/index.html T3 Compilers

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